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Current Medical Students

What to Expect at Harborview Medical Center:

Arrive at the neuroradiology reading room on the first floor (near the ED) at 6:00am (5:30am on Wednesdays) for film rounds. Both teams (TBI and vascular) review new patients’ films, then split up to look at new scans for previous patients. After film rounds, the teams split up and round on the ICU and floor patients. The typical order of hospital areas starts in the ED (if patients are waiting there), then ED “Obs” (1st floor), then TICU/NICU/MICU (2nd floor west), then BICU/PICU (9th floor east), then east hospital floors (in descending order from 9th to 5th), then SICU/CICU (2nd floor east), then NSU/stepdown/3W (3rd floor west), and finally ICU holding in the basement. After rounds, breakfast in the cafeteria, then run the list and head to the morning’s cases. After the day’s cases, or between 2-5pm, afternoon film rounds will start in the resident work area between the NICU and MICU (2nd floor west), followed by patient rounds.

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What to Expect at University of Washington Medical Center:

Arrive at the neuroradiology reading room on the second floor, near the Pacific elevators (ask the radiology front desk for directions) at 6:00am (5:45am on Wednesdays). After film rounds, patient rounds start in the ICU (5th floor), followed by floor patients on 4NE, 4SE, and 4S. After rounds, breakfast in the cafeteria, then run the list and go to cases. Afternoon rounds are variable, and your chief resident will inform you of when and where they will be held.

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What to Expect at Seattle Children's Hospital:

Arrive at the neurosurgery resident/fellow office located on the 7th floor of the Whale Wing (Room W7713) at 7:00 am for pediatric rounds. The mandatory pediatric case conference begins at 7:45 am, followed by the Chairman's clinic or operative cases. The day ends with resident rounds and sign-out from the team of nurse practitioners.

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Transportation Options:

Transportation between hospitals is available by the following methods:

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Contact Information

For more information on our clinical clerkships for medical students, please contact:

Residency Program Administrator
Department of Neurological Surgery
325 Ninth Avenue
Campus Box 359924
Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: (206) 744-9316
Fax: (206) 744-9942

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Application Deadlines

Applications for the Neurological Surgery Residency are due November 30, 2017.

Deadlines to apply to our fellowship programs are:

Featured Faculty:

Samuel Browd, MD, PhD

Dr. Browd specializes in pediatric neurosurgery, specifically with children who have hydrocephalus, brain & spinal cord tumors, pediatric cervical spine, spina bifida, chiari malformations, and spacticity.

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